Angola has 31 million people, covers almost 500 thousand square miles, and makes a Gross Domestic Product of almost $200 billion yearly. Yet it is a striking example of underrepresentation in the digital media—even lower than other African countries. Less than 1% of Angola’s geographical features and populated localities are represented online. Angola has a highly complicated and interesting climate, with climate zones ranging from tropical forests to the world’s driest desert, but it is familiar only to a handful of specialists. Even some of Angola’s natural wonders are not described online.  Amazingly, as of 2020, you can get more online information about a ghost town in the United States than about a whole country with a population larger than Spain and an area twice as large as Texas. Please donate to help us to fill this information gap.

In the 21st century, any location that is underrepresented online loses significantly. Less digital information means less attention, which means less investment, less tourism, less activism, less aid when it’s needed, less accountability—and thus less progress.

At Wenard, we believe that online information is the first and most vital step towards true assistance, cooperation, and inclusion in the world. Angola is the first project in our African Geography family of articles. Our volunteers are working hard to research, summarize, and publish information about this country, with its rich history and troublesome last century.

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