Belarus is the Wenard Institute’s second project in the Eastern Europe project family.

In the sad tradition of the Eastern Europe, Belarus may be the next center of global conflict. For example, some people in neighboring Russia believe that Belarus needs to join Russia in a new, Soviet Union-like unified state, while others from the West see the current Belarus political system as Europe’s last dictatorship. These conflicting forces make Belarus politically shaky; a small change in internal politics could cause a chain of events spiraling out of control.

When this happens, neighboring governments, humanitarian organizations, financial institutions, and private citizens need to make decisions on the best course of action. The better informed they are, the better those decisions will be.

We aim to make sure that all members of Belarus’ political elite, the key aspects of its economic structure, government, and financial establishments, as well as its geography, are all fully documented online. Easily available knowledge will lead to better, more informed decisions, today and in any future crisis.

The project is currently in its first phase. We are seeking volunteers interested in the subject as well as donations dedicated to this subject. Please support our efforts Donate

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